After Care

Wondering how to take care of your tattoo? It's easy!

      Wash your tattoo twice a day with Gold Liquid Dial soap or Hypoallergenic Baby Soap (if you have sensitive skin). If you wash your tattoo in the shower be sure it's the last thing you wash so that there is no residue from your other hygene products on it. 

      Pat dry with a fresh towel or paper towel. Once your tattoo is dry apply a very thin layer of aftercare. If using Aquafor be sure to use an extra thin layer so it doesn't suffocate your tattoo.

      After a few days your tattoo will start to peal and itch. DO NOT SCRATCH IT. At this point you will switch from aftercare to a white, unscented, lotion. Again, you want to do thin layers with the lotion, and if needed you can apply more lotion throughout the day.